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Psychedelic Swirls Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs

One hand on the wheel, one hand up her skirt, that's how we like to roll around here, and to make life a little easier on us we're selling these killer new suicide spinner steering knobs for easier maneuvering when hell raising on the road.

Besides helping you maneuver your ride, they server other purposes. The tip unscrews off, perfect for stashing your "Tylenol".

Included is one of our graphics, but you can insert anything you want in them, switch graphics, put a live insect in there, or WHATEVER!

Knob Style: Mushroom
Knob Attachment Style: Bolt-on
Knob Material: Steel
Knob Finish: Black
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Clear top allows for photo to be inserted.

Turn your steering wheel easier with one of these United Pacific steering wheel spinner knobs. They are designed to attach to your steering wheel and allow for one-hand operation while turning corners. The knobs are available in different styles and are manufactured from quality materials, providing great looks and excellent functionality.

Psychedelic Swirls Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs

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