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Kill Scum Speed Cult is an expression of American freedom.  It's the spirit of the wild, the drive of the restless, the constant chase of liberty, to feel the open air, to explore and roam, to conquer, to be an individual....its also a clothing line.


Our mission is to provide the biker community around the world with quality American biker apparel at an affordable  price.


We design, print, plan and distribute all of our merchandise ourselves.  We are involved in all parts of our clothing line to supply you with the most honest and purest biker apparel.  All of our merchandise is printed here in the USA, it is a home grown business. 


We believe in keeping the DIY attitude and are against big corporate clothing companies that are always trying to find a way to make a bag of cash out of our fellow bikers by designing horrible shirts that clearly have no real biker relation.  All of our designs are original and new ones are constantly added to our collection.


We are riders, and we know our machines carry the American spirit of rebellion, of freedom, of revolution, of self expression.  These machines are our main inspiration to all of our designs. The roar, the smell, the feel of two wheels on the open road. 


...Forever two wheels.


-Alex Moreno

chopper motorcycle clothing brand vintage retro style apparel
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